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2011年3月23日 (水)


📷 英国王立写真協会 日本支部・川村賢一会員へ、英国本部より震災見舞いのメールが届きましたので、報告します。 (なお、ブログ掲載のため書式を変更しています)

Dear Mr Kawamura

The devastation suffered in Japan over the last week following the earthquake and tsunami has horrified us all. The scenes on the news are dreadful and there is the ongoing additional threat from the nuclear power station.

The staff and trustees join me in expressing our concern and are thinking of you at this time and hope that you, your family and friends are safe. With regards

Stuart Blake Director General

Direct Dial: 01225 325730

The Royal Photographic Society Fenton House 122 Wells Road Bath BA2 3AH

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